In the latest move hosted through senior game dressmaker Jeremy Feasel, Blizzard found out its content material plans for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth’s eight.2 patch: Rise of Azshara. Feasel reviewed several plans announced at BlizzCon 2018 and gave a detailed breakdown of the new Heart of Azeroth system coming in eight.2. But more critical than that? All the attention mounts can be getting within the new patch.

Blizzard is letting gamers customize their mounts with talents in eight.2. We’re no longer certain what the number of unique mount talents will exist in eight.2, however Blizzard has already distinct three:

A saddle that forestalls your mount from kicking you off after receiving damage
A parachute that forestalls you from taking harm while jumping from high locations
Shoes that permit your mount to walk on water

Feasel found out that those new perks got here from years of gamers exclusively the use of the Water Strider mounts. The Crimson and Azure Water Strider mounts are a number of the best mounts in World of Warcraft that may stroll on water. In the early days of a brand new enlargement, when flying continues to be disabled, the Water Strider mounts are popular among players. Swimming throughout or strolling around a lake is a good deal slower than riding over it, after all.

To assist players who felt pressured into using the Water Strider mounts, Blizzard came up with the gadget machine coming in 8.2. Players can nevertheless use the Water Strider mounts to walk across ponds and lakes, but they won’t be the simplest options. Many Worlds of Warcraft gamers have loads of mounts to choose from, and this alteration has to add some variety again into the sector.

It’s currently doubtful how players will earn mount abilities in eight.2. We’ll learn more whilst Blizzard starts offevolved trying out Rise of Azshara at the Public Test Realm next week. There’s nonetheless no date for while the replace will hit stay servers, however.

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