Summer headaches are commonplace in the course of the season
Summer headaches may be irritated because of loss of sleep or skipped meals
Eating magnesium-rich fruits and ingesting cooling beverages can help
Summer season appears to be accomplishing its top, with days turning into longer and warmer. In India, the fury of the summer season days is felt with specifically excessive intensity. Due to its proximity to the Equator, the Indian subcontinent has specifically intense summers. Every 12 months, the warmth wave in India starts from March and goes on until July, and it peaks at some stage in the months of April and May. These are specifically dry months, whilst temperatures of at least 40 levels Celsius are experienced in the plains and temperatures inside the hills go up to extra than 30 levels Celsius. A lot of people love to move out for outdoor sports or have long commutes to paintings throughout the day and we want to be very cautious about our health throughout those summer season months.
Summer Headaches: Causes or Common Triggers
Summer complications are some of the most not unusual troubles faced via human beings at some point of the season. Dr. Manjusha Agarwal, General Physician at Global Hospital, Mumbai lists down a number of the commonplace causes or triggers for summer season complications:
1. Migraine: Dr. Agarwal says, “People who’ve underlying migraine problems also are greater at risk of headaches all through summers. When you roam around in shiny lighting and excessive temperatures, headaches can get brought on.”
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2. Dehydration And Nutritional Deficiencies: Dehydration is commonplace for the duration of summers and Dr. Agarwal says, that now not drinking enough water can also lead to complications. “Nutritional deficiencies add on to the headache problems”, she provides.

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