I am approximate to do something we rarely do at The Verge — get excited for an audio product I’ve in no way honestly touched, let alone listened to. But that’s due to the fact in terms of wi-fi gaming headsets for an Xbox One, the bar is so very, very low that I can’t help questioning SteelSeries’ new twin-wireless Arctic 9X, announced these days, can be a better choice than what’s available proper now.
What do I mean approximately a low bar? Well, very few manufacturers even trouble to promote Xbox-well suited wireless headsets, and people which have tried to enforce Microsoft’s respectable Xbox Wireless to talk immediately with an Xbox (in place of requiring a dongle) have pretty a whole lot bombed for me. Each of them — the Turtle Beach Stealth six hundred and seven hundred, the Razer Thresher for Xbox, and the LucidSound LS35x — have had some hassle staying connected to my Xbox One, on occasion blasting my ears with noisy pops and clicks. Only the LucidSound had audio best I’d don’t forget describing as “correct,” anyways.

But SteelSeries, which produces two of the quality wi-fi gaming headsets in the marketplace (ask me how I recognize) says it’s “created the best first-rate implementation of the Xbox Wireless connection visible on an Xbox headset so far” with the Arctic 9X — that could nevertheless be shorthand for “it’s higher, however, it nevertheless sucks,” I assume.
The Arctic 9X also claims to have 20 hours of battery life — low battery lifestyles turned into a sticking point for other Xbox Wireless headsets — lets you balance recreation and chat quantity natively, and perhaps first-class of all, has included Bluetooth so you can use it with another tool (in all likelihood your phone) simultaneously, or pull double obligation as a fixed of headphones on the pass.
I’m now not passing judgment simply but, but it’s piqued my curiosity enough that I’ll be attempting it out for myself.

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