The XB series of headphones from Sony has continually been quite famous in India. With their emphasis on bass, the headphones in shape the profile of the Indian listener, at least the majority anyway. The WH-XB700 is the latest in that range.
Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the XB collection. They’ve makes a specialty of bass, of direction, however, even that is at times too free, or too overwhelming. Compared to older XB series headphones, the WH-XB700 strikes a higher balance between bass, mids, and highs.
In past variations of the XB collection, the bass would overpower everything else, making it tough to pay attention to different audio. In the WH-XB700, you still get decently loud bass, however without compromising the highs as lots. Genres like rap, hip-hop and even some rock feel quite active, which is a good element.
That stated, even as you may listen to excessive frequencies higher this time, the headphones nonetheless lack absolutely in the mid frequencies. The usual result is better readability in sound than older XB collection headphones, however still no longer something you will call perfect. It’s basically a V-shaped sound signature, because of this bass and highs are more desirable, while the mids are mediocre at exceptional. It additionally doesn’t have wide soundstage.
Audio exceptional aside, the WH-XB700 borrows one characteristic from Sony’s better give up headsets. It helps the Google Assistant and Siri, relying on which cellphone you operate. There’s a button tagged “Custom” on the headset, that’s to be pressed to call the assistants and provide voice commands for your cellphone.
While that’s a nifty feature to have, neither the Google Assistant nor Siri are really reliable for the time being. Also, Sony’s headset isn’t great for taking palms-unfastened calls. Many callers complained that my voice was too low, or that there was an excessive amount of historical past noise.
Lastly, Sony has designed those as over-the-ear headphones. It’s made almost absolutely of plastic, with a sandblasted finish at the outside of the earcups and leathery padding at the band and the inside part of the earcups, to make it greater relaxed.
However, the supra-aural style may not be accurate for all and sundry. The headband can be extended to suit your head, but the truth that these are “on” your ear, as opposed to over them, makes them quite uncomfortable to wear over the long term.
To sum up, the Sony WH-XB700 is a marked development on in advance headphones on this series, in phrases of audio nice. However, a few of the older variations have been extra comfy to wear than those. At ₹eight,999, this may be a tough promote, though it nevertheless does suit the profile for a big number of listeners in India.

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