The next PlayStation is nearer than you would possibly suppose.

Not simplest is Sony already speakme approximately the successor to the wildly a hit PlayStation four, but the corporation is making a few pretty clean actions to put together.

With over 90 million PlayStation four consoles in the wild, Sony is in advance of the competition from Microsoft and Nintendo by means of tens of tens of millions of units. But can the PlayStation stay on a pinnacle as the game enterprise transitions to digital storefronts and streaming services?

That’s a huge question! Here’s a look at what Sony wishes to maintain its lead: Say what you will approximately the relative variations between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One — in the end, we’ll look returned at the two consoles as remarkably comparable pieces of hardware. What differentiates the 2 especially is video games: Sony clearly has more foremost unique games than Microsoft. Whether you are talking approximately “Uncharted” or “Bloodborne” or “Spider-Man” or “God of War” or, well, the listing could go on and on. Microsoft has some biggies — like “Halo” or “Forza” — however, this generation of consoles changed into in most cases led through Sony because of a constant stream of exquisite, exclusive video games. But that nicely is outwardly strolling dry: “The Last of Us: Part II” and “Death Stranding” are the ultimate unreleased important games introduced as completely coming to the PlayStation four. Sony is even outright skipping the yearly sport enterprise trade show, E3, this 12 months for the primary time ever. The cause? There were not enough games to show. “We wanna make sure that after we do come collectively at some point, deliver all our enthusiasts in beneath the invitation that PlayStation has something astonishing to proportion with you, we wanna make certain that we do. And E3 this yr simply wasn’t the right time for us,” PlayStation head Shawn Layden informed Business Insider earlier this 12 months.

With few exceptions, new generations of sport consoles come with the expectation that something from the preceding system will now not paintings on the new console. PlayStation 3 games do not run on the PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Wii U video games don’t run on the Nintendo Switch. Such is the way of maximum cutting-edge game consoles — except for the Xbox One. Instead, Microsoft grew to become its Xbox Live subscription provider into a type of chronic virtual library. If you owned digital Xbox 360 games, and those video games are supported on the Xbox One, you then mechanically personal they for your new console after you log in along with your Xbox Live account. It set a vital precedent: With the Xbox One / PlayStation four era of sport consoles, console proprietors anticipate their digital purchases to carry ahead like they would on smartphones. But Sony in no way quite caught up with that notion, and it stays an essential difference among Sony and Microsoft’s consoles. With the PlayStation 5, Sony has a chance to fix that oversight — and it ought to, as Microsoft is in all likelihood to tout this staying power as a key function of its platform. Moreover, with almost 100 million PlayStation 4 consoles in the wild, this decision has a much wider effect than maximum others.

Sony has been running a subscription-primarily based online game streaming carrier in PlayStation Now for five years-plus at this factor. The carrier allows players on PlayStation four and PC to flow PlayStation 2, 3, and four games without a download. It expenses $20/month or $100/12 months. PlayStation Now hasn’t made a main splash regardless of being the best carrier it’s widely available to consumers right now. The motives for that are complex and varied, but its obstacles and excessive fee are fundamental elements. If the promise of game streaming is to bring your games to any tool, PlayStation Now fails to try this. It gives a slightly-elderly library of games on devices which can be capable of gambling modern games. If Sony is going to compete with the likes of Google Stadia and Microsoft’s Project xCloud, it will need to provide something extra aggressive than the present day generation of PlayStation Now.

The online game commercial enterprise is transferring in most important methods — to streamed video video games and digital purchases over physical discs, and to move-play among competing systems. That shift has already began: If you play “Fortnite” on Xbox One, you may play it along with your friends on PlayStation 4. “Fortnite,” but, continues to be the exception to the rule — and that’s in large part Sony’s fault for dragging its ft on allowing move-platform play. The enterprise supplied weak excuses as to why it wasn’t allowing cross-platform play for nearly a year earlier than giving in, and only then it changed into a concession to “Fortnite,” the most important sport in the world. With the PlayStation five, Sony should include pass-platform play as a platform-stage wellknown across all multi-platform games. There isn’t any cause that the next “Call of Duty,” as an instance, must silo gamers to person platforms.

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