CUPERTINO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rancher Labs, the main issuer of container control software, these days introduced k3OS, a brand new working system purpose-constructed for its famous k3s Kubernetes distribution. Announced in February, k3s is a lightweight Kubernetes distribution designed for developers and operators seeking to run Kubernetes in useful resource-constrained environments. With k3OS, Kubernetes cluster configuration and the underlying OS configuration have defined the usage of the identical declarative syntax as other Kubernetes sources. This permits builders and operators to put in and upgrade k3s and the underlying working device at the identical time. It additionally permits them to advantage from modeling infrastructure-as-code for reliable, repeatable cluster deployments. This method simplifies the administrator experience and makes k3s clusters even cozier when going for walks in low-touch computing environments.

“While Kubernetes can be hooked up on any Linux distribution, one after the other patching and upgrading it alongside the underlying working machine may be complex. A misconfiguration or protection hole in device services can compromise the complete Kubernetes cluster. With k3OS, customers never should worry about unscheduled running machine upgrades, and protection patches may be carried out for the whole software stack in only one step,” said Sheng Liang, CEO, and co-founder of Rancher Labs. “As a mixed Linux and Kubernetes distro, k3s strolling on k3OS can have the smallest assault floor and the handiest upgrade method of any Kubernetes set up.”
An Ideal OS for Low-Touch Kubernetes Operations
Although k3OS works in public clouds and virtualization clusters, it’s far mainly beneficial in low-contact environments like area computing.
“As the second biggest wind turbine manufacturer within the world, we’ve got been working with Rancher over the last year to develop the brand new Kubernetes distro k3s,” says Wei Zhang, VP of technology at Goldwind Smart Energy. “k3OS is the next step of generation evolution that facilitates deliver our vision of completely automated and highly secure Kubernetes clusters on lots of side places world-huge.”
Key features of k3OS consist of:
Fast install: k3OS boots in 10 seconds, with k3s right now to be had.
Easy configuration: Cloud-init allows computerized configuration of k3s during the boot sequence, turning it from an everyday photograph into a configured k3s instance quickly and without difficulty.
Simplified patches and upgrades: Administrators can control the Kubernetes distro and Linux distro from a common set of YAML files, and leverage Kubernetes to orchestrate the rollout of working device enhancements.
Purpose-constructed for k3s: Essential device services consisting of ssh, udev, bash, and iptables are built into the distribution image. No package manager is needed.
Ubuntu kernel: Rancher leverages the excellent music record of Canonical’s Ubuntu server kernel group to make sure well-timed security updates for k3OS and complete device support.
Multi-architecture aid: x86_64 support available now & Arm aid to be had soon.
“GitLab provides a complete answer for the whole DevOps lifecycle. By operating with k3OS and k3s, GitLab continues its funding in cloud local technologies, supplying users the capability to govern the deployment and configuration of Kubernetes and Linux with an unmarried operational manner,” said Brandon Jung, VP of Alliances at GitLab. “GitLab seems ahead to running with clients imposing k3OS and k3s.”
Rancher Labs plans to deliver a manufacturing-prepared GA launch later this yr. In the interim, builders who’re interested in downloading, installing and playing with this new cause-built operating gadget must comply with the project on k3OS.Io.

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