Good Lock 2019 was released in early March this 12 months with Android Pie compatibility as the foremost spotlight, and the Good Lock group had additionally presented information on some upcoming capability that would arrive with new plugins at a later date. Those new plugins have now been released and are available via the Good Lock app.
Nice Shot permits gadget-extensive screen recording
The first one is Nice Shot, and its number one spotlight is that it permits video display screen recording throughout the OS, along with the capacity to report sounds as nicely. There are lots of screen recording apps available on Google Play and you can also use Samsung’s Game Tools functionality to report the screen in third-celebration apps, so Nice Shot isn’t imparting whatever new, however, it’s far a reliable answer from Samsung. Nice Shot works as an extension of Samsung’s Smart seize characteristic, and as a result, it first wishes you to take a everyday screenshot the use of the volume down and energy keys.

Then, while you get presented with the standard Smart capture alternatives together with modifying, drawing and taking scrolling screenshots, Nice Shot absolutely provides two buttons on the pinnacle. One is for screen recording, and the opposite allows you to fast add tags to the screenshot (tags are essentially like Twitter’s hashtags and can be used to list all photographs and photos with a selected tag). Unfortunately, you first take a normal screenshot and then tap the display screen recording button to document the display screen. This might be deliberate, even though, in order that apps like Snapchat and Instagram can notify customers that a person is attempting to take a screenshot of their messages.
NotiStar helps you to save and seek via notifications
The 2nd new plugin is NotiStar. Android’s notification coloration can be quite a large number if you have a number of notifications pending, especially when you have to make bigger a number of them manually, and NotiStar solves that trouble through showing each notification in the multiplied form in a separate screen. You can search for notifications thru this screen, although you need to search for someone’s name or a phrase from inside a notification – looking for an app call doesn’t do whatever, so its use is instead restrained.

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