Mortal Kombat eleven isn’t your average combating recreation. It’s overloaded with special modes, capabilities, and currencies to gather — greater than sufficient to shake a Scorpion spear at. There’s plenty I didn’t comprehend whilst exploring the menus (and sub-menus) of MK11, and we’re going to assist alleviate a number of that stress. We’ve spent lots of time with the modern-day in the Mortal Kombat collection, and these are the ten things you should know earlier than delving too deep into this version of the NetherRealm.
First of all, most of these hints don’t have anything to do with fighting video games or your private ability level. No rely on what form of participant you are — a gentle AI-stomping Noob Saibot or a bloodthirsty online Shao Kahn — there are some belongings you’ll need to recognize. The development and forex machine are particularly complicated this time around, and if you don’t need to waste time, here are a few reachable hints to keep you going.

#1. Practice Mode Unlocks Bonus Costumes
The tutorials within the ‘LEARN’ menu are wherein you’ll need to start. Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran, it helps to sweep up on the fundamentals and find out how the brand new gameplay mechanics work. On pinnacle of all the standard motion / unique education, you’ll be capable of picking out character individual tutorials.
Each character academic, as soon as complete, will unlock the 2nd gown. It’s an easy manner to load up on secondary outfits for each person.

#2. Krypt Loot Is Based On Container Cost
The Krypt is in which you’ll unencumber icons, consumables, substances for the forge, Kollector trades, and (most significantly) skins for your characters. You’ll additionally locate fatalities and brutalities. Online, there had been a few very vocal gamers sad with the progression machine, pronouncing it’s completely random. Essentially, this is accurate — but with one fundamental caveat.
The packing containers inside the Krypt are best commonly random. Depending at the fee of the container, you’ll get one of a kind kinds of objects. After my many, many unlocks, I’ve discovered a way to get the most crucial gadgets.
Fatalities / Brutalities are unlocked by using establishing bins at 6,000-8,000. For skins/costumes, you’ll need to open packing containers which can be eleven,000-15,000. At about 14,000-15,000 coins, I changed into approximately 90% guaranteed to get a skin.
#3. You Can Beat Any Tower With AI Fighters
The Tower of Time is in which you’ll be capable of taking on random demanding situations and fight an endless series of AI fighters. You can also unlock effective rewards by means of completing each day/weekly towers. They’re constrained time, and from time to time those tower fights are too hard — or require you to play as a character you don’t realize.
There’s a manner to beat the tower. Use AI Fighters. Every person loadout, viewable in the Customization menu, may be tweaked with AI Fighter Behavior settings. Before starting a tower, you may toggle on / off the AI Fighter, sending them into battle whilst you watch. They’re pretty excellent — in particular if you enhance Combo / Reversal.

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