How in many instances must an advert be visible? The inventory solution, all too familiar in advertising and marketing, is, “it relies upon.”
Frequency capping is a tactic that online entrepreneurs rely on to try to solution this query. I recently requested Scott Tieman, worldwide lead of programmatic services, Accenture Interactive, for his mind on frequency capping.
Paul Talbot: When is frequency capping a beneficial, desirable marketing campaign tactic and while is it beside the point?
Scott Tieman: Frequency capping ought to usually be utilized in a few forms. Without it, advertisers are probably losing greenbacks by means of overserving their commercials to the same users.
The variety of instances a completely unique person gets exposed to an advert can also have an impact on campaign performance. Thus, locating the “sweet spot” of frequency via tactic can also help in riding preferred performance effects.
Talbot: When frequency capping is used, how ought to the numbers be decided?
Tieman: Every advertiser is specific. Advertisers ought to expand their personal technique for defining the most advantageous frequency. This has to be tested alongside 1/3-birthday celebration dimension companions who have the potential to degree impact on business metrics.
It relies upon at the channel, methods, gadgets and campaign objectives. For instance, for awareness approaches, you may want to decrease your frequency settings whereas you could want to increase them for direct response.

Talbot: Where can a marketer who makes use of frequency capping in a marketing campaign get into a problem?
Tieman: If advertisers don’t have the right governance across traces of business, they will discover themselves competing in opposition to one another for the same users. From the angle of the consumer, it creates a horrific experience as they may be overserved advertisements. This happens whilst advertisers aren’t simplifying their technologies. It also can take place if the media is planned and bought in a silo.
Talbot: Frequency capping has been around for years. Do you feel its use has expanded or reduced?
Tieman: About the identical. Frequency capping as a tactic is pretty general throughout the programmatic display and video campaigns. However, assessing ideal frequency capping for in-app campaigns is relatively less refined due to the idiosyncrasies associated with this ad surroundings.
Frequency capping is a fashionable media exercise. However, its degree of complexity has drastically expanded over the years.
The upward push of mobile, growing trend of multiple devices in line with a person, and the emergence of recent channels have all contributed to this complexity. Applying, measuring and tracking frequency have ended up a complex exercise throughout this convoluted panorama.
Talbot: As an exceptional exercise, have to a marketer use the equal creative or rotate innovative while frequency capping is deployed?

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