BENGALURU: Residents of Defence Colony in Indiranagar are blaming Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) for the state of no activity over their court cases of strength outages and voltage fluctuations leaving their home appliances damaged. Kiran Prabhu, a resident of first foremost, turned into alarmed when she sensed a burning scent emanating from her TV closing week. “Smoke become coming out too. The technician blamed it on energy surge,” she stated.
Another resident, Pankaj Malhotra, said lots of his neighbors confronted similar troubles in the last few days. “My modem and set-top container stopped operating. I complained to BESCOM typically however they did now not come. I think there was an electricity surge that damaged our home equipment completely,” he stated.
While most residents experienced the problem while it rained last week, Swarna Venkataraman stated her washing machine, cooking variety and chimney went kaput months ago. “They stopped working, every week aside. The mechanic said electricity fluctuations caused the breakdown and they couldn’t be repaired. I complained to BESCOM however there was no reaction,” Swarna said.
A BESCOM professional said people must make sure their homes have proper earthing. “In a fragment of a second, whilst electricity goes off and springs on, the voltage surges, which may additionally damage home equipment,” Goutham, assistant engineer, BESCOM, said, including, “As for the case where it happened when it did not rain, we can should look at why it happened.”

It has been many years now, and the good vintage SIM (the lengthy description being subscriber identity module) card in all its physical glory, has existed inside our phones. This is what connects our phones with the cell networks, to get right of entry to voice and data services. It survived the onslaught from the CDMA generation a few years in the past and has itself morphed through the years to better healthy the necessities of the newer smartphones—massive SIM to a mini-SIM to a micro-SIM to a nano-SIM. Now but, the SIM card is facing its largest-ever risk—from what’s being referred to as an E-SIM, additionally referred to as an Embedded-SIM. The E-SIM is being integrated into phones that you can buy, for a while now. But the time is ripe for the subsequent evolution of past smartphones. Laptops, clever domestic devices and now smart motors are the proper systems to utilize the blessings of direct connectivity.
The easy definition of an E-SIM is that its miles integrated into the telephone you’ve got simply bought, and also you don’t really need a physical SIM to get entry to mobile services. For a cellular service provider, the process remains the identical—they may provide you with a unique cellular variety after amassing the details important, including your cell phone’s IMEI (international cellular system identity) variety. You will by no means get to maintain or touch this virtual SIM card. In a way, the manner remains the same if the E-SIM is included in another device as properly, that calls for connectivity.

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