Get extra from your Huawei P30 Pro: Unlock the total capability of this terrific smartphone with those on hand pointers, hints and mystery features.

The Huawei P30 Pro is one of the maximum mind-blowing telephones of 2019 to date. It has an exceptional digicam, top-notch battery existence, and design up there with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and iPhone XS Max.

Like most top-give up telephones, you can’t admire it completely by just skimming over the floor, gambling with the capabilities everyone knows about. The Huawei P30 Pro can do greater than you believe you studied and offers hundreds of ways to make the cellphone your own.

Have a read of our Huawei P30 Pro pointers and hints to genuinely get below the cellphone’s pores and skin.

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Find a strong spot for even higher night time pics
The Huawei P30 Pro has one of the first-rate night time pictures modes within the enterprise. It has a hidden trick too, though. If you mount it on a tripod or find a spot in which the phone will live completely nonetheless, it cranks up tools.

The smartphone commonly takes 7-8 seconds to shoot a really low light Night mode picture. When the accelerometer judges the phone to be absolutely strong, it takes even longer, capturing pics for as much as 50 seconds to make the final shot. The appearance was fantastic.

Use extra of the display
The Huawei P30 Pro has a massive screen, however, you may make more of it with a short interface tweak. Long-press on an empty a part of one of the home screen. The interface editor will pop up.

Tap Home Screen Settings at the bottom-proper of the show. You have to see a Layout menu object. This helps you to add extra rows and columns of apps on your homescreens. It’s especially on hand in case you don’t use the P30 Pro’s optionally available app drawer.

Turn your P30 right into a computing device PC or recreation console
The Huawei P30 Pro can morph into the base of a PC. All you need to do is either attach it to a reveal with the proper USB-C adapter or join wirelessly.

It’ll make the transfer routinely in case you plug it right into a monitor with an HDMI adapter. We attempted it with Huawei’s own Matlock 2, but you could find inexpensive options online. You’ll see a Windows-like interface at the display and might then transfer to show mirroring (matching what’s at the telephone) if you’d choose. Bluetooth mice and keyboards can then be hooked-up wirelessly. Or, for the least fuss, just connect stressed peripherals to the USB-C adapter.

Want to use wi-fi as a substitute? You can get a comparable experience in Settings > Device Connectivity > Easy Projection. However, you’ll need either a TV with Wi-Fi and a wireless show characteristic or a wireless show/Miracast dongle.

Or how about something more fun? Buy an HDMI dongle, plug into your TV, hook up a Bluetooth gamepad and the Huawei P30 Pro turns into an Android video games console. We exceptionally advocate going wired for gaming, as there can be a lag with wireless transmission even in case your Wi-Fi is fast.

You can use Night mode for the duration of the day
Just like the Huawei P20 Pro, you can use the P30 Pro’s Night images mode for the duration of the day if you like. It works because this mode is much smarter than the low-mild images modes of some years ago.

It tries to max-out dynamic variety and readability instead of simply aiming for brightness, and these principles can be useful no matter what you shoot. However, it does no longer suggest snapshots will continually appearance better while the usage of this slower mode.

Night tends to lessen how contrasty photos look, so test.

Try out dark mode
EMUI has a Dark Mode that switches all the white parts of the menu gadget for black. In principle this ought to assist battery lifestyles, slightly, however, the foremost cause to attempt it out is the appearance.

Dark Mode seems moodier and makes the screen stand out some distance less if you want to have a brief play before a movie starts offevolved at the cinema. Because no-one might deliver their P30 Pro out half-manner through a movie, right? You’ll locate Dark mode in Settings > Battery > Darken Interface Colours.

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