The top bar in your Android smartphone does not most effective inform you the time, signal strength and what sort of battery lifestyles stays. The notification bar can also inform you when email arrives, downloads are taking place, and whilst Bluetooth is switched on. One symbol you may not immediately understand is an N image, although this is becoming more and rarer in modern telephones.
What does the N symbol suggest?
The ornate N is there to assist you to realize that your cellphone currently has NFC switched on. NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a technology that lets in gadgets to exchange information sincerely via setting them subsequent to one another. Smartphones use NFC to bypass photographs, contacts, or other information you specify among NFC-enabled handsets.
You can also well have already encountered NFC in case you’ve paid for public transport with an Oyster card, or used the tap-to-pay feature along with your financial institution card to buy a coffee in the morning. And it’s far the technique utilized by mobile bills offerings such as Android Pay and Samsung Pay.
How do I turn off NFC?
It’s quite simple surely. Depending on which model of Android you’re strolling you may locate the choice is there within the quick settings pull-down menu. To get entry to this you simply slide your finger down from the pinnacle of the display and a grid of icons must seem, with settings for Wifi, Bluetooth, and numerous others. If you spot the N symbol, with NFC under, then tap on this in order that it is going gray and NFC is growing to become off.
If it’s now not in the quick settings menu you’ll want to tap on the cog icon at the pinnacle of the screen, or open the app drawer and find the Settings icon, then pick Connected devices > Connection alternatives. Inside you’ll see a toggle transfer for NFC. Tap this to turn off the characteristic.

Now the N symbol must be vanquished from the pinnacle of the display screen.
Should I flip off NFC?
If you use cellular bills you will need to depart NFC switched on. If you do not, turn it off and save your self a little battery existence.
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