Samsung pulls out all the stops for its annual Galaxy S refresh, and the new Galaxy S10 is not an exception. The phone is so overflowing with capabilities that it is able to be intimidating whilst you begin using it, but with a few quick tweaks and toggles you’ll be on top of things speedy. Here are 10 pointers to get you started.
Customize the S10’s navigation buttons
Android 9 Pie brought new gesture navigation to Android telephones, but Samsung has chosen to roll its very own gesture navigation system. It’s now not on by way of default so that you’ll need to dig into the settings to try it. It’s in Settings > Display > Navigation bar.

The “Full display screen gestures” alternative helps you to swipe up alongside the bottom of the display to trigger domestic, lower back, and review. You can also disable the “Gesture pointers” at the lowest for a complete-display revel in. If you don’t just like the gestures, you could still customize the order of the normal navigation bar.
Expand lock display screen notifications
The Galaxy S10 defaults to collapsing all of your lock display screen notifications, this means that a further tap to peer them on the lock display screen. Yes, they cowl up that big, lovely screen, however having expanded notifications is greater useful.
You can change this setting below Settings > Lock screen > Notifications. Change the “View style” from “Icons” to “Detailed” so you can see notification information at once upon waking your smartphone.

Samsung’s pop-up view multitasking revel in is still to be had at the Galaxy S10, but it’s much less prominent. The exceptional way to use it is as a part of the “Smart pop-up view” notification machine. You can locate the relevant options under Settings > Advanced functions > Smart pop-up view. Any apps you prompt in this listing will seem in floating “pop-up view” home windows if you tap the heads-up notifications. These home windows are resizable, and you can have a couple of open on the identical time.

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