A desirable internet site is important for branding in this day and age, and the tourism business enterprise made a smart move by way of investing heavily in design and functionality.

The video starts offevolved with a series of colorful doorways — orange, purple, blue — commencing onto idyllic seashores, sunflower fields, and cobblestone streets.
These are the long-lasting doors of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico, and they function the access point into Discover Puerto Rico’s latest marketing campaign, “Have We Met Yet?” Launched Wednesday across digital channels, the marketing campaign paints the island as a vibrant and essentially welcoming area for travelers.
Discover Puerto Rico kicked off as the island’s destination marketing business enterprise in July, about 9 months after Hurricane Maria devastated the location. The team spent tons of ultimate yr emphasizing the progress of recuperation, as the island rebuilt itself. But after hitting the only-year anniversary of the typhoon in September, the organization commenced shifting towards greater optimistic messaging.

“We wanted to pivot the narrative round Puerto Rico to recognition on what the islands should offer, as opposed to recuperation,” stated Leah Chandler, chief advertising officer of Discover Puerto Rico.
“Have We Met Yet?” hopes to emphasize the way of life and history of the island with a purpose to differentiate it from different locations inside the Caribbean.
“It is not like some other island inside the Caribbean,” Chandler stated. “It has incredible culinary studies, hospitable people, natural wonders. We’ve were given all of this rich subculture inherited, and that’s in which we’re planting our roots.” She pointed to Puerto Rico’s rainforest as well as the 500-year-vintage historical district inside the capital town.
In addition to that, the agency hopes to remind Americans that the island is a U.S. Territory, and consequently uniquely on hand to them. They do not need a passport, they could use U.S. Foreign money, and maximum can get around without knowing any Spanish.
This emphasis on what makes the island particular comes from research the organization conducted into customer belief of the island. For the maximum component, the studies group located that maximum residents of the U.S. Mainland have a neutral view of Puerto Rico, no longer expertise why they need to holiday there over other warm and sunny spots.
Chandler attributes this neutrality to a loss of consistency in beyond advertising campaigns, because of turnover in political administrations.
“Basically, no emblem fairness had been constructed for Puerto Rico,” she stated. “Every time they could get a new administration, there’d be loads of trade inside the tourism department. There would be new govt directors, new management in tourism. So regularly the logo identification might change, emblems could exchange, and the messaging would change. ”
With this in thoughts, the Discover Puerto Rico team become established with the undertaking of keeping branding solid.

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