Wings Over Scotland blogger ‘distressed’ by using Kezia Dugdale’s homophobia declare

A blogger who has taken Labour MSP Kezia Dugdale to courtroom stays “deeply distressed” by her claim that he sent a “homophobic” tweet, a court has heard. His attorney said it was both “untrue and unfair” to explain Wings Over Scotland blogger Stuart Campbell as a homophobe. But Ms. Dugdale’s QC said the seasoned-independence blogger […]

This Pakistani blogger is calling out social media influencers for deceptive their fans

Local blogger Naiha J. Eiman, who goes through Instagram manage Rebellious Brownie, has known as out fellow social media influencers for lying to their followers approximately product opinions. Before taking place IG live to document the incident, Naiha first requested her fans whether she ought to speak approximately a count it truly is been frightening […]

How to grow to be a technological know-how blogger

We show you the 4 steps to get blogging – but do not be fooled: beginning a technological know-how weblog or internet site is NOT a trivial venture. Setting up and retaining an internet site and growing content (on a greater or much less everyday foundation) takes attempt and dedication, Also don’t underestimate the endurance […]

This blogger makes $100k a month from her sailboat

The tale at first seemed on The Wayward Home Michelle Schroeder-Gardner didn’t start off understanding the way to make cash blogging. She labored as a financial analyst a desired to record her conflict to pay off student loans. So, in 2011, she commenced Making Sense of Cents, wherein she wrote approximately side hustles and abnormal […]

Travel Blogger Nicole Isaacs Flaunts Major Cleavage In Vintage

Nicole Isaacs has been visiting around Cuba and — to the delight of her ever-developing fan base — she’s been bringing the warmth in sultry outfits and sharing snaps to Instagram. In the trendy replace from the terrific vacationer, Isaacs rocked a pink-colored, vintage-stimulated dress from Nicole Richie’s House Of Harlow 1960 line, and her […]

Prominent Apple blogger calls the MacBook’s butterfly keyboards

Apple blogger John Gruber called Apple’s butterfly keyboard “the worst product in Apple records” on Wednesday in his Daring Fireball blog. “MacBooks should have the excellent keyboards within the industry; alternatively they are the worst. They’re doing lasting damage to the recognition of the MacBook emblem,” Gruber said in his weblog submit. Gruber’s remarks were […]

Top Chechen Official Claims Blood Feud Against Blogger

The influential speaker of Chechnya’s parliament has declared a blood feud against a famous exiled blogger in what seems to be some other instance of intimidation of critics in Chechnya. Magomed Daudov, a close ally of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, on Saturday called blogger Tomaso Abdurakhmanov “an enemy to me and my brothers” after Abdurakhmanov […]

Kezia Dugdale’s homophobia claim about blogger’s tweet ‘absurd’

A blogger who has taken former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale to the court stated it changed into “absurd” to interpret certainly one of his tweets as homophobic. Stuart Campbell, who runs the blog Wings Over Scotland, is suing the MSP for £25,000 after she criticized him in a newspaper column. The dispute stems from […]

Philly blogger will train you approximately desserts

A new cookbook through the local writer, blogger, and canning expert Marisa McClellan offers approaches to take preserves and pickled veggies in new instructions through incorporating them into dishes for all occasions. The Food in Jars Kitchen: one hundred and one Ways to Cook, Bake, Plate, and Share Your Homemade Pantry, published April 2 by […]

Vietnamese Blogger Who Vanished in Thailand Jailed in Hanoi

A Vietnamese blogger who vanished in Thailand in advance this 12 months is being held in a Hanoi prison, his friend and wife confirmed Thursday. Truong Duy Nhat wrote weekly posts about politics and modern-day affairs for Radio Free Asia (RFA) and ultimately posted about the possibilities for trade in Vietnam in light of main […]