It’s time to get agricultural on Android! Stardew Valley is now available for Android phone and capsules (and supported Chromebooks) thru the Google Play Store for the one-off charge of $7.Ninety-nine.

With the exception of the multiplayer co-op mode, the ruin hit indie farming sim for PC and console is a nearly same recreation on cell devices. You can study our in-intensity mind on the cellular version in our Stardew Valley assessment!

In this manual, we’ll communicate approximately a way to play Stardew Valley, even as additionally sharing the great Stardew Valley suggestions and hints to help you and your farm thrive.

How to switch Stardew Valley store file from PC/Mac to Android

Returning players from PC/Mac can without difficulty switch save video games to a cell with just a few easy steps.

First off you’ll need to find your existing shop file.

On PC open File Explorer and type the following into the cope with bar: %AppDatap.CStardewValleySaves
On Mac open Finder > Go > Go to the folder after which type the subsequent: ~/.Config/StardewValley/Saves
What you’ll find on both platform is a folder (or a couple of if you have numerous saves) with your Stardew Valley character’s call and a gaggle of numbers. Make a copy of this folder and all of its contents. Plug your Android device into your computer thru a well-matched USB cable and change the MTP USB notification reputation to Transfer documents.

Access your telephone’s inner storage in Devices and drives on PC or with the aid of the usage of the Android File Transfer app on Mac. You’ll then need to duplicate and paste your replica shop folder into the folder marked “StardewValley” with a view to being within the root menu of your telephone/tablet’s storage. If this folder doesn’t seem you can repair this by means of speedy beginning and quitting a new recreation on the mobile model.

Now when you next boot up the sport you have to see your PC/Mac save game on your cell tool!

Choose pleasant crops
While there are lots of methods to make cash in Stardew Valley your primary source of income for a maximum of the game can be planted. Knowing which seeds to plant to get the largest returns in gold normally takes some trial and error, but we’ve got a cheat sheet to help you out.

The great vegetation in Stardew Valley alternate among seasons and there’s no factor planting summer time seeds in spring as they just gained’t grow in any respect. Eventually, you’ll want to make sure you’re using preserves jars and kegs to create jellies and juices from your product to make even more money, but in case you’re selling them raw here is the nice plants to plant in each season:

Best Spring plants — Strawberry (seeds most effective to be had throughout Egg Festival), Cauliflower, Potato, Rhubarb (bought from Oasis store)
Best Summer vegetation — Blueberry, Starfruit (Oasis store), Melon, Hops, Red Cabbage (second 12 months best)
Best Fall vegetation — Rare Seed (sold from Gypsy Wagon), Cranberry, Pumpkin, Grape
Plan out every season (and the years in advance)
If you need to maximize your income in Stardew Valley you couldn’t just plant seeds recklessly.

Each season lasts 28 days in-sport and as soon as the climate adjustments any plants you have will wither and die right away. As some vegetation take no longer just days however weeks to develop and harvest, there’s no factor planting a seed that’ll take weeks to undergo fruit if you’ve handiest got more than one days until the following season arrives.

Instead, you’re a whole lot higher off saving the one’s seeds for the following 12 months. One main instance, as stated above, is Strawberry seeds.

Strawberries are a long way and away the high-quality Spring crop, but you may handiest buy them at the Egg Festival. Because this falls later inside the season you’ll most effective have time to plant and harvest one strawberry crop. However, if you have a few spare coins you may stockpile strawberry seeds for yr for an absolute providence of gold.

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