Apex Legends quickly rocketed to the pinnacle of the charts, amassing extra than 50 million registered users in its first month of availability. But some new professional evaluation indicates Respawn’s free-to-play war royale can be hitting a wall, with its boom restrained with the aid of surprisingly high gadget requirements.

DFC Intelligence has looked at Apex Legends’ overall performance during the last month, and its forecast for the game attracts on comparable comparisons it did final yr on Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. While DFC unearths Apex Legends’ initial participant haul spectacular, the file notes that the sport has slightly registered with younger players aged six to sixteen. Among players ten years vintage and above, Fortnite is still with ease the pinnacle recreation.

The record speculates that one limiting aspect for Apex Legends is located of Respawn’s conventional first-man or woman shooter version. Fortnite, the report says, was helped by means of being perceived as an extra on hand revel in for folks that don’t normally play FPS games – a reality that contributed to its eventual overtake of PUBG.

But any other issue PUBG and Apex Legends have are better system requirements (you can check out the Apex Legends device necessities on our sister website online, the Systems Requirements Lab). According to DFC’s data, 64% of PC users have hardware that meets Fortnite’s minimal machine requirements. Only 47% of users surpassed Apex Legends’ gadget check, and best 29% surpassed PBG’s.

“All this indicates is that DFC thinks Apex Legends is a first-rate conflict royale achievement so one can possibly now not attain the extent of Fortnite,” the group wrote. “Of path, it needs to be a nice providence for figure employer Electronic Arts. What stays to be visible is whether or not Apex Legends may be a regular, long-time period sales generator.”

DFC has concerns that the front as nicely.

“Electronic Arts have in no way been right with microtransaction enterprise models and this trend seems to hold with Apex Legends,” it wrote. “We will deliver the game sometime earlier than doing a full evaluation, however, the preliminary microtransaction version became difficult and pricey. This should show to be a long-time period hassle for a recreation that front-loaded its target market.”

Fair sufficient – Apex Legends’ battle pass is a bit expensive for what it gives, and the sport’s cosmetics go away a bit to be desired. But even if the game’s increase is slowing down, the numbers it’s already achieved, both in terms of gamers and sales, are not anything quick of fantastic.

Hopefully, it has many years of bouncy, group-based shooting in advance.

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