For so long as smartphones have been mainstream within the place of work, IT experts have debated whether Google Android or Apple iOS is the superior organization cell OS.
There isn’t always a clear winner in this debate, so organizations should don’t forget the advantages and disadvantages of each OS when they determine on Android or iOS for enterprise users. Organizations should perceive some of the changes these OSes have gone through and take a look at the packages and management tools they help.
Pros and cons of Android OS
Android permits corporations to select from an array of tool fashions from distinct manufacturers inclusive of Samsung, Google, and Huawei. This variety of gadgets gives fee and feature flexibility, and consists of both high-stop gadgets such as the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and low-cost devices which include the Huawei P20 with fewer features and less superb hardware. Organizations that buy Android devices in bulk can negotiate with manufacturers and leverage competitors’ offers to doubtlessly cozy discounts.
Android device vendors additionally offer more advantageous protection on top of present Android security measures. Samsung Knox, as an instance, permits companies to deploy mobile devices with built-in security functions. Android also allows for a wider variety of mobile programs. Organizations can develop their very own commercial enterprise applications and install them with Google Play, the app storefront for Android. Android Enterprise also permits IT to split users’ devices into profiles for non-public and commercial enterprise use, which enhances the safety of enterprise apps and facts.
With such a lot of versions of Android OS still in use, it is hard for IT to maintain a constant safety profile throughout an organization’s mobile device fleet. For businesses that prioritize simple device protection control, this may be the determining thing inside the debate of Android or iOS for commercial enterprise customers. Android devices can run for a long time — now and again more than three years — that’s beneficial from a fee perspective, however, many older tool models cannot upgrade to newer versions of the OS. This leaves these older devices simplest as relaxed and function-rich because of the previous generations of Android OS.

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