Full-carrier provider Vistara turned into stuck in a social media storm Sunday for tweeting and later deleting a photograph of its workforce with a retired principal standard.
“We do now not need our platform to be disrespectful or hurtful to all and sundry. Our choice to take away the put up become pushed via the objective of deleting such comments,” Vistara stated in a statement posted on its Twitter handle on Sunday.
The airline had tweeted a photograph of retired predominant standard GD Bakshi alongside two Vistara group individuals standing at the back of him internal an aircraft, announcing that it changed into honored to have him onboard. The tweet attracted grievance, with many mentioning allegedly debatable remarks made through him on various events.
“Honored to have Major General G D Bakshi (Retd), a decorated Kargil struggle hero onboard our flight nowadays. Thank you, Sir, for your carrier to the state,” the airline tweeted.
In the wake of criticism, Vistara deleted the tweet and issued an announcement saying that it does no longer want its platform to be disrespectful to absolutely everyone.
1. Air Vistara officers visit General Bakshi

Later they visited General Bakshi and apologized over the tweeting incident.
He wrote: “It was very nice of Vistara airways to send two senior Officials to my house to smooth an apology over the Tweeting incident. It became a thoughtful gesture of Consideration for the emotions of an Old soldier. I turned into very happy to see that Indian airlines have commenced emulating their American Counterparts by means of Honouring Serving and Retired squaddies on Their plane. The individual’s exit of the way to welcome them and thank them for SERVING the united states. This turned into catching on in India and has enraged some so referred to as Leftist Liberals. They were ILLEGAL sufficient to put spiteful tweets against me which threatened to boycott Vistara. Vistara has been nervous sufficient to take down their tweet about Welcoming me. I thought they ought to have caught to their Guns in Honouring Military conflict veterans.
In any case theycame now and stated sorry and within the navy way that ends the problem.A easy sorry ends the matter as a ways as Vistara is concerned. I do Hope they’ll keep to honour all navy Personal who travel with them.
Im no longer sure approximately those Virulent haters of the Indian Armed forces, who attempt to Masquarade as the Voice of the nation. They’re a touch hopelessly out of Touch with The Public opinion and PULSE in this usa.They want to look within and REFLECT. A quantitative analysis of tweets for and in opposition to Gen bakshi would be fairly illuminating demcratic exercise and show simply who’s FOISTING his views on Whom.!



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